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Why Use Landlord Property & Rental Management Property?

Property Management for Landlords

Do you currently have tenants in arrears? Are you fully conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010? Have you ever applied to the tenancy Tribunal for a hearing? Have you ever tenanted a property before?

If you are looking for property management services for landlords, we can help at City Property Management. 

To discuss your portfolio and how our team can help maximise your rental returns and overall ROI, please get in touch by calling us on 021 569 679.

Landlord and Property Management Services

City property management ltd undertakes to keep owners informed at all times of information relevant to their properties.

The landlord and property management services we offer cover everything necessary to ensure successful tenancies, deal with issues quickly when they arise, maximise returns, and minimise stress and hassle.

Find a New tenant service

Once a property becomes available for tenanting, it will be advertised through the internet, local newspapers and the company Rental List .

The prospective tenant completes an application form which is then thoroughly processed, including credit checks and previous landlord checks.

Tenant selection is made in conjunction with the owner of the property.

Tenancy Agreement forms, Bond Lodgement forms and bank authority forms are completed with the new tenant.

Finding new tenants is a crucial part of our service as it’s important to find good tenants that will pay their rent on time and look after your property.


We find tenants for the landlords who use our property management services through effective advertising. We’ll advertise your property in the following locations:


  • In our office
  • With a sign on your property
  • Our email list
  • Our website
  • Leading property portal websites


An inspection of the property is carried out prior to the tenant moving in. This comprises both a written report and a photographic record of the property at that time.

There will then be regular inspections carried out every three months.

A full written inspection report is completed and sent to the owner. There may be recommendations for ongoing maintenance requirements for the property. These will be carried out after approval is given by the owner.

A final inspection is carried out once the tenants have left the property and before the bond is released.

Rent collection

Rent payments are checked daily.

If a tenant is in arrears a 14 day notice is issued and where necessary action is taken through the Tenancy Tribunal.

Property Management

Day to day maintenance of the property is carried out by the Property Manager (for example minor electrical and plumbing problems). Trades people are notified through written Works Orders and invoices are paid on behalf of the owner from their rent account.

Owners Statements

Owners are paid by direct credit into their account twice a month.

Owners are supplied with a monthly statement showing details of all income and expenditure for that month. Relevant comments regarding the property are written on the statement each month.

At financial year end a full 12 month statement is supplied which can then be used for taxation purposes.

Showing Your Property

We’ll look after the process of showing your property to prospective tenants. We’ll also keep you informed of our progress.

Tenancy Application

Potential tenants who are interested in renting your property will need to complete a tenancy application. Once we receive this application, we will put it through our vetting process, carrying out a number of checks. This includes checking references with previous landlords and the potential tenant’s employer.


The details of successfully vetted tenants will be sent to you for final approval.

Tenancy Agreement

We have tenancy agreements that we use, customising them for your requirements. We’ll get the new tenant to complete this agreement, ensuring you receive a copy for your records.

Bond Collection

We’ll also collect the bond and will lodge that with the Tenancy Services Bond Centre on your behalf.

Rent Payments

To minimise delays and hassle with rent collection, we set up automatic fortnightly rent payments with all new tenants.

Move-In Inspection

On the day the tenant receives the keys to the property, we’ll complete a move-in inspection. This inspection takes place with the tenant. A report is produced during this inspection that includes a description of the property along with photographs.

Ongoing Inspections

We’ll then conduct repeat inspections as often as every three months to ensure the tenant is looking after the property. We’ll send you a report after every inspection that will include recommended maintenance work that should be completed

We’ll also complete move out inspections.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

A landlord and/or agent must as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986:

   Sign a Tenancy Agreement with the tenant and give the tenant a copy before the commencement of the tenancy.

   Send all bond money to Tenancy Services within 23 working days.

   Provide and maintain the premises in a reasonable condition.

   Allow the tenant quiet enjoyment of the premises.

   Comply with all building, health and safety standards that apply to the premises.

   Pay rates and any insurance taken out by the landlord.

   Inform the tenant if the property is on the market or for sale.

   Not interfere with the supply of any services to the premises.

   Maintain locks and other devices as are necessary to ensure the premises are reasonably secure.

   Inform the tenant in writing if they intend to sell the property.

   A landlord cannot ask for more than 4 weeks bond and 2 weeks rent.

Our Property Management Guarantee

Rent Collection

  We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.
  We will follow up all rent payments in accordance with:

  • our fully documented arrears process
  • the requirements of the relevant legislation

  Should termination of the tenancy be necessary, we will keep you informed throughout the legal process.

Repairs and Maintenance

   All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain the best pricing for your repairs and maintenance.

   We will provide you with a copy of invoices for all work arranged on your behalf for the property.

General Communicaton

   We will promptly advise you of any pertinent matters affecting your property or the tenancy.


Rent collection

We check rent payments daily to ensure issues are immediately identified. We’ll pay you twice a month. You’ll also get a monthly statement of rents collected as well as a yearly statement.

Any arrear situations that arise are dealt with immediately to resolve them as quickly as possible. This includes escalating the issue all the way up to a Tenancy Tribunal if required.

Maximise Your Investment

 We’ll ensure repairs and maintenance work is completed quickly, to a high standard, and for a competitive price. We only use tradespeople that we know and trust

We’re Not Like Other Rental Property Management Companies

Rental property management companies don’t always have a good reputation in Auckland. 

The boutique services we offer are completely different. You’ll be treated professionally at all times and you’ll get the personal level of service necessary to make owning rental properties a hassle-free experience.


Working with Landlords and Investors, Providing High-Quality Property Management Services

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“Thank you so much for your help finding tenants – it’s been great to work with you – you’re communication is excellent (always knew what was going on). Very impressed, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend City Property Management to others.”

Fiona & Michael


Fiona & Michael

“You show leadership where quite a few pms just talk about smoke alarms”




“Thanks very much to your excellent management of the property, not to mention all the advice you have been generous with. I will always be happy to refer your services to anyone”




“Thank you so much for your most efficient service, we really appreciate it.”

Dawn & Barrie


Dawn & Barrie

“Anyway, we have wanted to send you a message of thanks for all your efforts as our property manager. Right from the start you have been very efficient and effective at managing the property”




“Thank you for being a great property manager. I have rented several places and found dealing with you and City Property Management the best, any problems that required fixing were always dealt with promptly and always in a friendly manner”




“Its nice to hear the good stuff ! And on that note I am so glad you’re managing the place, I can’t think of anyone that would be more efficient and onto it !!”




“Thank you so much you are both awesome I really appreciate it”




“Many thanks for your time, your service has been top class.”




“Thankyou for the excellent job dealing with the few issues over the five years I have been at the house we will miss living there”




“You have been a great property manager. Thank you very much”




“Thanks for that! Seems to have all worked out rather nicely thanks to your quick response. We appreciate it”

Bev & Spencer


Bev & Spencer

“Such a relief you excellent at property managing”




“Thanks for all your good work on this, we are in good hands with you running it all!”

Wayne C.


Wayne C.

“You just don’t know how reassuring it is to be able to communicate with someone who is obviously on top of the situation”




“Thanks again, we continue to appreciate your efforts on our behalf”




“You do the good things I’m happy thank you for your help I really appreciate it”




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